Creator /Artist- Valentin

A rising star in the world of cosmetic expression with over 15yrs of experience, Ms. Valentin is an artist and visionary, in the truest sense of the word. Skillful use of beauty and artistry, Valentin can turn your everyday modern woman into living embodiments of glamour. From Washington D.C to New York, Valentin is constantly in the mix of new trends and products. Driven by passion to make every person feel beautiful, she began her career at AVEDA Insititutes studying skin care and holistic healing. Valentin completed her esthetician education with graduating class of 2008 . Next, she tapped into her artistry and began as a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics. As her journey continued she then worked for CHANEL and NARS two of the leading beauty brands in the world! Became NARS Regional Artist of Washington D.C. . Recent graduate of AVEDA 2017 specializing in textured cut and color ,Valentin is accredited by photographers, models, and most importly her personal clients. She loves beauty, often referred to a "triple-threat " being trained in skin, makeup & hair are her passions!  She wants others that are likeminded to explore, ask, and feel comfortable in what works for "you" and customize your routine for your lifestyle!

Everyone has a distinctive beauty about them, I want to teach my clients, and show them how to bring it to life - Valentin