Red is Power

What’s your favorite red lip?

Featured below I’m wearing NARS powermatte “don’t stop” ! long-wearing liquid lipstick stays on all day ! Perfect mixed of and warm and blue undertone red makes the perfect everyday pop to start your day ! Of course with your favorite caffeine will be a great pair ! Lol


The Makeup Show Washington D.C

TMS ( The Makeup Show ) recently hosted a show in D.C at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with over 1,000 vendors and on-site classes and workshops! This was their first time doing a pop-up of their NYC based show In D.C! Along with many artists, vendors & professionals this was a great opportunity to grab exclusive products and meet & greet some of the creators behind the brand ! I had the pleasure of meeting Danessa Myricks which I am inspired by, I admire her talent as being a makeup artist ,photographer and brand developer ! Check out the posts below of her model she did a demonstration of editorial smokey eye and skin ! Isn’t she amazing!? What’s your favorite beauty influencer ? - Vali


Eco Beauty - What is it?

Organic , vegan and cruelty-free ! Means NO of the following ingredients are in a cosmetic product :

  • No petrochemicals, synthetic substances or mineral oils
  • No ingredients of animal origin
  • No talc or bismuth oxychloride
  • No parabens (Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Isobutylparaben and Propylparaben)
  • No harmful fillers
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No fragrances or colour components of non-organic or synthetic origin
  • No anti-microbial agents produced from non-organic sources
  • No chelating agents based on EDTA and its salts
  • No fatty chain source material of petrochemical origin
  • No sulphonation, ethoxylation or propoxylation
  • No alkyl sulphates •sodium coco sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate)
  • No alkyl ether sulphates (eg. sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate)
  • No polyethylene glycol (PEGS)
  • No polysorbates (eg. polysorbate 20)
  • No ethanolamides (eg. cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA)
  • No chemically synthesized sunscreens
  • No potentially harmful preservatives such as parabens and sodium benzoate
  • No gluten or lactose

Healthy skin starts with skin approved natural products ! 


Model: @aishabowe - Founder / CEO STEMboard 

Makeup & Hair Styling : Vali @valistudios  

Vegan Beauty Series Vol : 1 : Baking / Set Powder

As the beauty industry grows in the eco-beauty category we are able to purchase just about any product that is vegan and cruelty free at our finger tips! However me as a professional makeup artist and cosmotogist find that the performance of these products don’t always deliver the results I desire for photography use, which a lot of makeup artists this is key when using products! 


So I ask you to join me on my discovery journey through the vegan & cruelty free products as I test them myself for performance before I do a review! 

Featured Vegan & Cruelty free Product Spotlight : 


Makeup Revolution Banana Series!

Use to bake and set your makeup for long-wearing, oil-absorbing results ! 


 $8 at Ulta 

shade range is beautiful created to not go red/grey on deeper tones. 



photo:  owner  


Makeup / Hair : Valistudios @valistudios


Photo/ Director: @tupaczakur  

Meet Vali.

Vali Valentin started Valistudios in 2012 as a company of beauty and wellness! Offering luxury services in hair , makeup and wardrobe for all tones of skin and all textures of hair, no matter the ethic background we customize and meet the clients desires. 

Valistudios is committed to its mission and thank you for trusting our services! Stay tuned for new services and offers for Summer 2019!



Photo Credit : Zakur Photograpy @tupaczakur 

Model: Vali Creator / CEO / Stylist  

Dewy , Radient Skin 101

Ready set Glow! Want to achieve this look!? 

Here is a few pro tips on what products will give you this Radient Glow and finish, using the right products and also a great skincare routine are key ! 


Tips from the Pro: 


Use a Radient or “Glow” enchancing primer before foundation, this will boost the effect of the “Glow” under your foundation or tinted moisturizer! 

Also , you can use a oil-primer to also help with dry patches or skin prior to primer application. 

I used NARS “Longwear Radient Foundation” to give a Glow and satin-like texture to the skin , I also finish with a setting mist from M0RPHE to set, and give a boost of radiance! 

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Makeup by: Vali  


Photo iPhone


Short hair Don’t care.

How many people have cut their hair ? Either for trendy look, or because you said why not ?! Try the pixie ! Lol .. Either way it’s rather it takes some guts to take more than 4 inches of hair ! I recently had to re-start my own hair due to stress it started thin ; me “I am not my hair “ if something has to be cut it has to go, so I did it! I had to take maybe 2 inches off which isn’t a whole lot ! Yes I know , but it does make a major difference! It felt rather liberating while cutting it , I have more uniform hairstyle now and it’s easy to grow -out healthy! 


3 tips for haircuts & Beauty Secrets

 • Make sure you communicate how many inches you would like to stylist, ask for a comb to demonstrate if needed.

• trims every 3-4 months helps adviod split ends ! 

• beauty tip : make sure you define your eyebrows , short hair styles draws more focus on the face ..creating a defined brow balances out feminine features.  I used brow pencil. The photo below I faded her brow to appear “bleached” for the desired look.





Model : Jae  

MUA / styling/photo  : Vali  

Color Theory - Why ?

Color theory is the foundation of how colors appear to flow in design of any form of art, it shows with beauty industry with colors selected to make you “feel” something! For example, the color green means “ZEN”, or can also be defined as “Greed” , depends on the mood of the creative. Why do you think Target , or Mc Ds always makes you want / desire it? Primary color Red is used massive with their marketing , Red symbolizes passion and love . Not to add butttt doesnt their popcorn & fries smell amazing lol!? 


Study color theory as a artist this is a major key in EVERY form of art , hair , makeup , fashion!  


What colors do you see first in this photo!?  


model : TTtheartist 

photo : ebradleyrobinson  

MUA : Vali  


Hair Care x Vacation

Going on vacation for the holidays !? As we all like to travel and get up and away from time to time , we must always remember our main travel buddy, your hair ! TSA requires 3.4oz or less for travel items , take your favorite hair care with you! Simply place your products for your trip by purchasing a TSA approved travel bottles, this way you can safely bring all your hair lovers with you and still take care of your mane! 

TOP 3 Tips:

• Pack the essentials!  shampoo & conditioner with a thermal/UVB protectant Leave-In treatment .  (color -treated )

• Bring a hair mask and clarifying cleanser. ( great for after the sea or pool ) 

• Always  make sure liquids are less than 3.4oz  

Model : Danni  

Hair by: Vali

Service: Texture Blonding / wash & go styling  

Texture : Blonde Care Tips

Texture and curly hair is so beautiful when blonde ! But let’s admit we are all hesitant to experience due to bad past salon experience, or damage to hair Right!? The key to healthy blonde is treatments and “lifting” slow! So remember, if you desire silver hair and your hair is brown that is serveral (8)levels higher than your natural color, that’s quite a journey!  No higher than 20vol on my clients each service, and I always pre-book next process to keep it steady and ready ! 


Tips : 

•Always use a leave -in treatment with color hair!

•Weekly treatments are key ! Use a repairing mask to help shine and moisture! 

•Trim those ends! Keep your end fresh and healthy to advoid split ends ! Every 3-4 months is recommended. 




Luxury X Texture

Curly , textured , or dry hair ? It needs moisture products to draw in hyadration to define the hair! Making it more manageable, soft and shiny! Try these hair products for a luxurious experience! 

Oribe hair care blends  natural extracts with top-level treatment technology, Free of parabens, soduim chloride  and color-safe! Find at your local Bluemercury retailer!


Cleanse hair first with Oribe cleansing crem for moisture and control, this Oribe signature complex consists of watermelon , lychee, edelweiss flower extracts !  Also has artichoke leaf extract rich in vita A,B, and C ! Shampoo , rinse and then add the following styling aids!




Curly styling : Use  Oribe curl silkening cream on damp hair encouraging curl pattern for extra definition, air dry for tighter curls. 

Blow-dry /Straightening: Use on damp hair , section by section , before blowing out smooth , flat -iron adds perfection.


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Photo @idreamcoffie