Dewy , Radient Skin 101

Ready set Glow! Want to achieve this look!? 

Here is a few pro tips on what products will give you this Radient Glow and finish, using the right products and also a great skincare routine are key ! 


Tips from the Pro: 


Use a Radient or “Glow” enchancing primer before foundation, this will boost the effect of the “Glow” under your foundation or tinted moisturizer! 

Also , you can use a oil-primer to also help with dry patches or skin prior to primer application. 

I used NARS “Longwear Radient Foundation” to give a Glow and satin-like texture to the skin , I also finish with a setting mist from M0RPHE to set, and give a boost of radiance! 

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Makeup by: Vali  


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