Short hair Don’t care.

How many people have cut their hair ? Either for trendy look, or because you said why not ?! Try the pixie ! Lol .. Either way it’s rather it takes some guts to take more than 4 inches of hair ! I recently had to re-start my own hair due to stress it started thin ; me “I am not my hair “ if something has to be cut it has to go, so I did it! I had to take maybe 2 inches off which isn’t a whole lot ! Yes I know , but it does make a major difference! It felt rather liberating while cutting it , I have more uniform hairstyle now and it’s easy to grow -out healthy! 


3 tips for haircuts & Beauty Secrets

 • Make sure you communicate how many inches you would like to stylist, ask for a comb to demonstrate if needed.

• trims every 3-4 months helps adviod split ends ! 

• beauty tip : make sure you define your eyebrows , short hair styles draws more focus on the face ..creating a defined brow balances out feminine features.  I used brow pencil. The photo below I faded her brow to appear “bleached” for the desired look.





Model : Jae  

MUA / styling/photo  : Vali